SAP Management Accounting (CO) with ERP6.0 –
Application Associate Certification Exam Questions
with Answers & Explanations
- Online Quiz
Clearing the Management Accounting (CO) Certification will not automatically lead you to a job.

However a Certification with some project experience will certainly open a lot of doors for you.

The consultants who will benefit the most from a certification are the ones with typically less than
2 year's project experience.

This is not to say that consultants with higher experience will not benefit,  but at that level, having
a certification matters much less.

So if you have little or no SAP- CO experience, you should get yourself certified, get some
project experience, and then the whole of the SAP World open for you to explore.

Helping you with the first step on you ladder to success is the:

SAP Management Accounting (CO) Associate Certification Exam with Answers & Explanations
-Online Quiz

Some unique features of this Online Quiz:

- There is NO Other material in the market for the SAP Management Accounting (CO) ERP 6.0
Certification exam.

- The author has himself cleared the exam.

- All questions are multiple choice format, similar the questions you will get in the actual exam.

- Over 200 authentic questions, testing the exact same concepts that will be tested in Your exam!

Have a look at some sample questions from the Online Quiz here:

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